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Jeffrey A. Hill

That is the best mathematical explanation of "I have a gut feeling it's going to be a great year" I've ever read! I can't wait!

Paul Walker

I believe there will be significant improvement from several players this year. The A10 and tougher schedule will likely offset some of that improvement due to better opponents. However, each of these teams (accept UR) only gets to play us once and/or for the first time. Based on how many of the top teams in the country did against Havoc the past two years (20 something turnovers for Indiana?), I am inclined to think that Havoc should be as strong as ever with everything equal on our team...regardless of the step up in competition.

Just two or three more Havoc turnovers per game is about four more points from about two more shots. This too can make our percentages look even better.

Great work on this piece.


Thanks for sharing

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