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Tim Mansfield

Jeremy Ballard is a class act and someone we're very proud about at Colgate. VCU is fortunate to have Jeremy and his wife Khatera a part of the basketball program.

Dan Wynn

Jeremy Ballard is a pure student of the game, and a man of integrity and hard work. This is a classy hire by VCU.

Max Wynn

Jeremy Ballard (JB as I call him) is a great hire for VCU. The most genuine guy you will ever meet. You will be hard pressed to find a harder worker. His intelligence on and off the court....he's wise well beyond his age. You won't find another guy that can relate to the variety of players that Jeremy can! VCU definitely got an awesome coach and an even better Man off the court when they hired JB. I wish you the best brother!


Coach Ballard recruited my son to play ball for Tulsa; he has a genuine concern for the student athletes on and off the court. I know JB played a big part in making the transition for my son easier while transitioning from a teenager to a mature young man while away from the comfort of his parents nest. I will always be grateful to him for showing my son what hard work and commitment can do for you. Thank you to Coach JB and Khatera for caring,we will forever be grateful to you. Good things are in store for you. Coach Ballard is definitely deserving of this position and VCU is very fortunate to have him.

Thank you for being a positive role model for the men of our upcoming generation.

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