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camden whitehead

nice assessment michael,
one thing i noticed that you did not mention was that the guards penetrated to the basket much more in the second half. after a horrendous first half of perimeter shooting, we saw rob asserting himself with breaks/drives to the hoop, troy fake the three, drive and pull up for a 8-10 footer and teddy drive the lane and finish with an 8 foot floater. this seemed to both relax these guys and free up a few more less contested threes.

was briante favoring his hip? he seemed a step slow sliding on defense.

tuoyo is progressing but still kind of a big puppy out there.

what's up with dj's hands. for a guy that tickles they ivory with such grace, you would think soft hands. they seem to turn to stone. that more than anything seems to have the greatest impact on all aspects of his game. is this eye/hand mechanics or what? are there drills that improve this condition?


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