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As always, another good analysis. I wonder if Coach Smart reads your articles. Not saying that he should use them as coaching guidelines; he's a very well abled coach, but another point of view never hurts.

camden whitehead

Nice thoughts regarding the next steps for the team.
I would be interested to hear your thoughts about the role of the officials in how we play and how we have to adjust. I am not a statistics guru, but if i remember correctly, in all of our losses we have been in a position of key players having two fouls early in the game. Moreso than missing the players who have had to sit for the remainder of the half, these fouls have taken us out of our defensive rhythm.

During one of our games, Pete Gillen, on CBSSports, commented continually throughout the game that VCU was mugging opposing players. Do you feel that this comment has caused refs to call a different game for VCU?

Finally, an unrelated observation and questions. As I watch the games at the Siegel Center, I notice a huge number of uncalled "hooking" fouls where an offensive player gains an advantage by reaching his arm around his defenders back and essentially pulling himself around the defender. In the last home game against GW there was a call where the GW player hooked Troy Daniels and Daniels was charged with a blocking foul as the GW player pulled himself around Troy. I would enjoy hearing your insights on this tactic. Does the refereeing seem more inconsistent to you than the CAA? Is this a result of the A-10 having bigger, better and faster players?

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