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camden in the art school

i followed john wooden intensely when i was in high school and he was winning national championships. even when he wasn't winning national championships, he was running his system, a full court, zone press that seemed to conquer all. The 52-13 half against the university of houston (after houston had stopped one of many ucla winning streaks) is still the greatest half of basketball that i have ever seen. wooden had a process. he never prepared for a specific team. he sought to run a perfect process. it was a beautify thing.
it is nice to see coach smart approach the game and life as a process. i am sure others have done it since wooden. guys like krzyzewski at duke and donovan and pitino. not many articulate his process as well as coach smart.

camden in the art school

Michele N

My thought was "now THIS is the (VCU)team we've been waiting for".... So happy for our student athletes, coaches & staff!

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