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I do appreciate the tone of this piece, and I do wish Shannon the best moving forward, but frankly I have a different take on the matter. He quit on his team. The whole point of VCU Basketball is that the sum of its parts will wear out an opponent over the course of a game. Players that are only getting a few minutes a game are still just as important to winning as those who are getting more playing time. Was Shannon's VCU experience only to get him a look by NBA scouts? I would submit that if no scouts were impressed after 4 years in the ACC they won't be after your 5th year either. I guess I was under some delusion that Shannon just loved the game so much, and appreciated VCU's style so much, that he wanted just one more year of using the physical gifts that he has been given. How wrong I was! It was all about showcasing himself - and as far as the team goes? Well who cares about them?

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