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camden whitehead

the great thing about the davidson "death march" was that jesse pellot rosa made the most determined play that i have seen from a vcu player. a davidson player intercepted a pass at half court. all but jpr realized a layup would ensue. jesse started a quarter of a court behind the davidson player, caught him and went up from behind and blocked the shot (cleanly). the referee was so surprised that he called a foul. we were substantially behind but jpr turned on the jets, caught the guy and would concede nothing. i happened to see jpr the next day and asked him if he fouled the guy. he smiled and said "no sir". i told him i appreciated the play. great moment.
camden from the school of the Arts

Michele N

I took a few days off from work for the tournament but my husband & I decided not to go to Brooklyn. I'm still taking the days off work so that I can savor every game of the A10Tournament on TV! Thanks for your great posts. I really love reading them.


Amen brother Mike, Amen! #LetsGoVCU


Another awesome writing by the master of college hoops analysis. #LETSGOVCU

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